Swimming Pools for Fun and Exercise in Indianapolis

Grab a towel, pack some snacks, throw on your flip-flops, and head to the back yard. What’s better than having a vacation spot in Indianapolis within walking distance of every amenity at your household? A swimming pool can be a sparkling blue oasis in your backyard if you’re looking for a way to escape the stresses of every day life without the hassle of planning a vacation. Relax by the pool with a book or host a group of friends with a cook out, without ever running out of entertainment. Children and people of all ages will be able to enjoy the fun that a pool has to offer. A swimming pool can add immediate value to your home. Outdoor kitchens, gazebos and fire pits pair together beautifully with a pool and your backyard. Time that you would spend cooped up in your house will now be spent enjoying the outdoors.

Pools can also be used in many ways that can provide a range of health benefits through water-based exercise. The U.S. Department of Health has stated that two and a half hours of aerobic activity a week can reduce the risk of chronic illness, along with improved health for people with heart disease or diabetes. Swimming improves your cardiovascular health and your overall endurance, all the while putting a lesser amount of strain on your body than running or lifting heavy weights would. Other benefits of a pool include time to sit back and relax. Stress can be over bearing a lot of the time and you just need an escape. Float around on a pool toy, or grab an ice-cold beverage and just soak your feet. Swimming can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Teach your children to swim at a young age, or keep doing a sport you love deep into your lifetime. It can even be seen as a great way to warm up before another form of exercise, or a nice cool down to end your workout.

So next time you’re bored with your every day trip to the over crowded gym, head to the pool, or think about giving Hendrick Pool a call, and have your very own pool installed in your back yard. Hendrick Pool, located in McCordsville, Indiana, has been building pools for over 20 years and supplying families with their very own vacation spot with the convenience of never having to leave the yard.

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